Safety Products for Makeup applications
NEW SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Subject to change at any time
COVID-19 SAFETY  conditions (updated January 2022)
Trial and Appointment safety on the trial day.

Should we (your designated professional)  feel ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19, then we will cancel your appointment/trial, it might be at short notice but it is done entirely for your own safety.
If it’s your trial you missed we will re-schedule your trial/appointment as soon as possible after the required 7 day isolation period.
Another makeup artist/ hairstylist from our pro team will take over if it’s your wedding day itself, it will be covered we promise.
If any of the people you live with feel ill, or anyone in your bridal party display any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day, please advise us as soon as possible.
Unfortunately they won’t to able to be looked after by us, but another member of your bridal party may take their place, as long as they are well.
The World Health Organisation has listed some of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 as fever, dry cough, tiredness, loss of smell unusual aches or pains.
Other symptoms can be identified in the link below …

For your safety and that of others ……

Trials and On the Wedding Day

Please do not turn up early for trial.
This may mean that you come into contact with other clients who are just leaving.
To minimise any contact risks, children must not attend Trials or be in rooms with the Bride and Professionals at the wedding.
Please come to your trial on your own unless your Mum or Bridesmaid is completely in full health and has no symptoms.
Weddings, and especially large wedding groups we will set up ideally in a separate room, if there is one available.

(Please try to facilitate this, as it would be very helpful, and we don’t ask for much, thank you)
Bridesmaids, Mums & Guests will be asked to come individually for their makeup and hair at their scheduled time (as discussed at the trial).
To maintain social distancing, others present, who are not having makeup/ hair on the day, will not be permitted in that room.
We understand the importance of hand hygiene and will ensure that we have washed our hands thoroughly in accordance with NHS recommendations and wiped and sanitized all tools and products just before you arrive, during and after for everyone on the day.
We have increased cleaning and hygiene in our studios and other places of work including making sure that common surfaces, toilets door handles etc. are wiped clean using disinfectant products between each client.
All makeup and hair tools will be disinfected or sterilised in line with the specific government instructions.
You will be able to wash and hand gel your hands at trials .
At the wedding venue, on the day, please ensure that you wash your hands before your makeup/hair appointed start time.
We will be using masks /gloves or what will be necessary according to government guidelines.
Disposable lip brushes will be used and brushes sterilised at all times .

8. Please Bring your own Mascara to you trial and on your wedding day.


Hopefully we have covered everything. As this is for all our safety.
Thanks for your understanding.

Many thanks……….Amazing Face.

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